ACSEC – Activities Schedule and Planning Application Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

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ACSEC – Activities Schedule and Planning Application Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Project Domain / Category Mobile Application

Abstract / Introduction

In the busy routine of life, we deal with a huge amount of work loads, not only in home but also at office, outside and everywhere. Therefore, it’s not possible to remember each activity. Therefore, we need an application that will solve our problem not only to deal with these daily base activities but also help to plan those activities to work better in an efficient way. To overcome this issue, we will develop ACSEC Application to make our life more productive.

Functional Requirements:

Functional Requirements of the application is given below:

  1. Splash Screen:

Your application must have a splash screen which is lunched automatically each time before the start of the Application.

  1. Application Tour:

When your application will launch at the first time after installation. You must perform a quick tour of the ACSEC to guide the user about it.

  1. Calendar Fragment:

This section will show your activities based on different dates as completed or not completed.

  1. Activities Fragment:

This section will have interface to add activities in the form of list. Each activity has following features:

  • Streak: Which show activity streak.
  • Activity Name Area: Where activity name can be input or changed. Ø Activity Type: n Regular
    • Once
  • Save: Button to save data complete activity data.
  1. Home Fragment:

This section will show your current day activities. You can mark your tasks as complete or skipped by swiping right and left in this section.

  1. Setting Fragment:

This section will show your different application settings including:

  • Sign in: To store user data in case of application got uninstalled.
  • Themes: Will change application theme.
    • Light Mode
    • Dark Mode
  • Share: This feature will share application URL to other applications.
  1. Graph Fragment:

Will show the ACSEC complete activities graph based on number of completion and non-completion of activities.

Note: Here “activities” names are user tasks performed on different days. Also, only mentioned languages, frameworks and technologies are allowed as mentioned in the tools section.


Languages: Kotlin / Dart

Design: JetPack Compose / Material

Database: Firebase Database

Development Environment: Android Studio


Name: Muhammad Bilal


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