ADNOC Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply PDV Assessment 1 complete solutions

ADNOC Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply PDV Assessment 1 complete solutions

Identifying a Product, Service or a Spend Category and figuring out their relevance inside the stakeholders of such an Organisation.

Preparation of a marketplace evaluation and demonstrating the function of procurement in producing the fee for the economic assets outcome

Reviewing of the modern-day approaches utilized in management of fees and prices for a product, offerings and categories deduced with the markets impacts in securing financial savings of fees in an entity

Executive Summary
In this report, an evaluation of the ADNOC procurement of IT hardware system in UAE as a category of spend. My positionality informs the purpose for selecting the place of spend in the procurement department thru active involvement in contracts, buying, commercial directory branch, strategic sourcing, in-us of a price, and group procurement operations. Hence, individual function in the business enterprise offers the writer with sufficient expertise of the agency contracting with the aid of the company. In the procedure of evaluating the procurement techniques in the identified location of spend, this report similarly offers an evaluation of the applicable of ADNOC stakeholders in tandem with procurement and deliver. This additionally includes an evaluation of how they affect price control and fee addition. In the research, the marketplace evaluation in a quantitative and qualitative approach changed into used in supplying appropriate data on ADNOC technique in sourcing the most appropriate IT hardware. As part of the technique, facts analysis, class evaluation, market mix, market positioning and the level of the industry has additionally been analysed. To examine the IT hardware procurement, tools together with PESTLE analysis, Kraljic evaluation, SWOT analysis, Porter analysis and Ansoff elements. The techniques are utilized in highlighting the relevance of observe and final results. This look at concludes that the IT and hardware procurement in Dubai, UAE for ADNOC corporation continues to be in its boom phase and as such fewer groups engaged inside the procurement. In guidelines, this observe has suggested ADNOC Company set relevant approaches for implementation of the procurement procedures, enhancing the relationship among the control and stakeholders, sensible technique in organisation assets control and development and an effective coverage-making manner.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 2
1.Zero Introduction 4
1.1 Introduction to Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) four
1.2 Procurement Department of ADNOC 4
1.Three Scope of the Report four
2.Zero Stakeholder Analysis for ADNOC 5
3.0 The relevance of the Area of Spend to Stakeholders 6
4.Zero The Impact in Procurement from ADNOC Perspective 6
5.0 Research and Market Analysis 7
five.1 Data Analysis- History of Spend 7
6.Zero Market Analysis 9
6.1 Market Analysis 9
Marketing Strategy 9
6.2 Market Position nine
6.3 Variables used in IT Equipment Procurement in ADNOC Market 10
6.Four Marketing Mix 10
6.Five Level of Industry Competition 11
7.0 Current Approaches 12
eight.0 Best Practices thirteen
9.0 Techniques for Analyzing the IT Equipment Market 13
nine.1 PESTEL 13
9.2 Kraljic Analysis 14
nine.3 SWOT Analysis 14
nine.Four Porters Five Forces 15
10.0 Conclusion 15
eleven.0 Recommendations 16
References 17
Appendices 18
Appendix 1: ADNOC Procurement Workflow 18
Appendix 2: ADNOC Group Supplier Temporary Registration Request Workflow 19
Appendix 3: ADNOC Organisational Structure 21

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Introduction to Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)
The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) is a World leading energy manufacturer set up in 1971 and established in Abu Dhabi. Its operations are anchored in the overall hydrocarbon cost chain thru a network of completely-included agencies with diverse interests starting from exploration, manufacturing, garage, refining and distribution of a huge range of petrochemical products. The employer targets are developing progressed efficiencies thru benchmark overall performance, integrating a balanced scorecard approach in the entire organization and aligning with their key overall performance indicators. The corporation imaginative and prescient is working collaboratively in harnessing strength assets in services for the state. Similarly, their mission is working thru partnership, innovation and a constant focus on high performance and performance in maximising value for energy resources.
1.2 Procurement Department of ADNOC
ADNOC is committed to develop and keep a competitive and sustainable deliver chain for all their partners and sustainable supply chain of partners and the carrier providers. The organization operations are effective and characterised by means of on line and actual-time supplier registration system for all potential suppliers, consistent monitoring of prequalification statuses on line, and soft invitation of all capability providers. It is a demand for all the suppliers to complete a one-time registration at the ADNOC business listing for doing enterprise with any of the ADNOC institution agencies. These techniques offer a perfect opportunity for the ADNOC Company for collaborative, web-based tools for procurement branch and suppliers in implementing tendering and bidding sports online. However, all of the procurement techniques are applied with strict adherence to the roles and activities, pricing, risks and timelines set through the corporation.
1.Three Scope of the Report
The scope of this document has been narrowed from a large angle of modernisation of operations in ADNOC to procurement of hardware and IT device from the extraordinary providers in UAE. In this case, the IT hardware and system represent the class of spend. From this perspective

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