College Fee Automation System Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

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College Fee Automation System Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Project Domain / Category Web Programming


Different institutions are handling Fee system manually so, it is very difficult to handle and record student fee submissions. If student/Admin wants to know the submitted/remaining dues, then it is very difficult to search all the previous records.

The College Fee Automation System project allows us to manage every single aspect of student payments in the most efficient possible manner. Such software is required for all educational institutions in order to generate fee vouchers and receipts after collections. The proposed web based software will handle all such things to facilitate the college Admin to handle fee collections and generation of summary sheets etc.

Functional Requirements:

  • The application should have the following major modules:

o Student Module o Admin Module

  • There will be two types of users of the application i.e Admin and Student  Each student can register through online registration form.
  • Student can login and view the fee submitted and remaining dues status.
  • Student can generate voucher to pay fee and can get receipt of any paid vouchers.
  • Admin could be able to create/approve student for login id.
  • Admin could be able to enter fee month wise for each student after getting paid vouchers or cash.
  • The application should provide facility to tackle scholarship/discount for the brilliant or deserving students.
  • All types of reports should be generated, i.e Month Wise fee submissions for each student, Class Wise Fee Reports, Student Wise Reports, list of Fee Submitted and not submitted students etc.

Tools: HTML, CSS, Boot Strap, Java Script, JS Node with MySQL or any other DBMS

Supervisor Name:

Name: Adnan Asif


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