Construction Information System Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Construction Information System Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Project Domain / Category
Web Programming

Abstract / Introduction
Materials and labor price are the 2 key inputs of any contractor while getting a settlement and even constructing buildings or roads and so forth, consequently their pricing plays a large position within the average construction value. Every contractor objectives to stay inside the boundaries in their construction price range. Contractors should handle all this manually and sometimes it will become difficult to song all expenditure when many creation projects are in progress in parallel. Yet, without Information Systems, it is nearly not possible to acquire this goal. The proposed web-based totally challenge will cope with all the data entered on each construction website online and contractor might be capable to devise consequently by way of viewing the records.

Functional Requirements:
Functional necessities are as under:
1. Contractor could be able to create any new Building Project i.E Plaza, House, Road and so on with detail such as address, Land Area and so on.
2. Contractor will check in/delete the data access users in line with no. Of websites on which construction and improvement is going on.
3. Contractor will enter targeted statistics (inclusive of weight, quantity, fee, brand, carrier presenting organisation/ dealer) approximately fabric i.E Cement, Sand, Steel, Concrete, Glass, Wood, Brick, and Stone and so forth.
Four. Each consumer will input/edit/ delete statistics about fabric used at sites on daily foundation.
Five. Each consumer can be able to input/edit/ delete facts approximately men and women operating on sites i.E Name, Father Name, Address, and Phone, knowledge (Architect, Civil Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Mason, Plumber, Painter, Interior Designer, Carpenter) with operating date and time.
6. Summarized facts required in file shape i.E total no. Of operating days for every person, Labour Paid, Remaining Labour etc. Material used class wise, fee on each material, total price and so on.

Tools Used:

HTML, CSS, Flask the usage of Python with MySql DBMS

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