E-Medical Record Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

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E-Medical Record Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

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The purpose of this software is to keep medical records of the patients. Medical record may include personal information, medical history, medication, laboratory test result, allergies, radiology images and vital signs.

This software maintains data accuracy and captures the patient information time to time. Proper use of this software will eliminate the need of paper based medical record. Therefore, the risk of loss of paper record will be finished. Single centralized data storage facility will eliminate data redundancy. By using the search facility of the software, user would be able to extract medical data for the examination of possible trends and long term changes in a patient. Population-based studies of medical records may also be facilitated by the widespread adoption of this software.



Some of these functions include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintain patient record
  • Manage patient demographics
  • Manage patient-specific problem lists
  • Manage medication lists
  • Manage medical procedural/surgical, family history including the capture of pertinent positive and negative histories, patient-reported or externally available patient clinical history.
  • Create, addend, correct, authenticate and close, as needed, transcribed or directly-entered clinical documentation and notes.
  • Incorporate clinical documentation from external sources.
  • Present organizational guidelines for patient care as appropriate to support order entry and clinical documentation.
  • Provide administrative tools for organizations to build care plans, guidelines and protocols for use during patient care planning and care.
  • Generate and record patient-specific instructions related to pre- and postprocedural and post-discharge requirements.


You can use any language which supports the development of web applications.


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