Grasp Skillset Abroad Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Grasp Skillset Abroad Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Project Domain / Category
Web Application

Abstract / Introduction
An business enterprise nurtures with the growing understanding and skillset of its personnel. In order to equip the team of workers with nation of the artwork expertise and techniques, one of a kind human development programs are presented by the multinational corporations. Keeping in view stern marketplace forces and competition, the employees are offered foreign schooling programs based on their Annual Confidential Reports (ACR). Employees could be given education opportunities in any of the 10 foreign countries (as a praise for excellent ACRs) at the give up of 3 years of contract.

Functional Requirements:
Following is a listing of purposeful necessities:
1. Employer and worker are the two varieties of users.
2. Login system for each styles of customers.
Three. After login, an worker will request for a training software.
4. A list of countries will be supplied by way of the organization with corresponding schooling packages.
Five. An employee will make a request via entering his/her employee id, name, CNIC, passport no, passport expiry and very last feedback of the last three ACRs.
6. Following is a list of ACR remarks:
• Excellent
• Very Good
• Good
• Satisfactory
• Poor
7. At one time most effective 10 personnel might be allowed to head for schooling.
Eight. The enterprise has the proper to allow, put in queue or reject any request.
9. The business enterprise could have a graphical document of employees ACRs and their visits to respective overseas international locations.
10. The business enterprise will be able to song each employee’s overall performance before and after the

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