kidZone Online Toy Shop Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

kidZone Online Toy Shop Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Project Domain / Category
Web Application

kidZone is an online internet shop in which a enterprise shows its synthetic and imported toys for youngsters. Users are also registered and input their info to music their toys orders / comments in distinct durations.

Concept of Flow / Working of Project and Implementation information
A company in Pakistan is manufacturing and importing child’s toys for one of a kind age companies (0-10). Toys are categorised and displayed online with appreciate of age organizations and sorts of toys. Age businesses are as underneath;
– New-born
– three – nine Months
– 10 – 18 Months
– 1.5 Years – 3 Years
– Above three – five Years
– Above 5 Years – 8 Years
– Above eight Years – 10 Years
Toys also are categorised in exclusive broader classes, which might be as under; 1- Action figures
2- Animals
3- Cars and radio managed 4- Creative toys
5- Dolls
6- Educational toys
7- Electronic toys
eight- Executive toys
9- Food-associated toys
10- Games
11- Model constructing
12- Puzzle/assembly 13- Science and optical

14- Spinning toys
15- Wooden toys
Users can visit on-line internet site / toy keep and can carry out the subsequent activities;
– Scenario 1: Just visit toy shop online [User login is not required]
– Scenario 2: Visit store and order on line [It requires user login. User can track his / her order by provided interface and provides feedback about product after receiving from the company]
– Scenario 3: Visit keep on-line and reserve a toy on-line to go to company’s shop physically to shop for reserved toy (s) [User login is required. Not more than 3 toys are reserved by a single user at a time for 3 days. User will also not be allowed by system to reserve more toys in next days until he/she cancel reservation or buy them from the store physically.]
– General instructions and Scenarios:
• Users can view toys by sorting them primarily based on ages or classes / types
• User can offer feedback that also shows with the product when it shows. Any consumer / tourist can take a look at product comments.
• Admin has right to adjust Toy classes and age companies
Required Reports
1- User Report: Online toy shopping records for ultimate 10 toys
2- Admin Report: Toy Selling report in conjunction with overall income from the specific time period supplied with the aid of website admin
3- Admin Report: Complete Inventory Report for toys

HTML, PHP, MySQL, Xampp / Wamp server, PHP Report Maker / PHP Reports / Any other supportive device for Report generation

Name: Rizwan Riaz Mir
Email ID: rizwan-mir@vu.Edu.Pk
Skype ID: rizwan-mir

Phd, Masters Thesis & Mcs Final Project
MBA Final Project
Contact Eli Wtaspp: 0092-0312 5718857
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