Network Load Controller Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Network Load Controller Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Project Domain / Category

Abstract / Introduction
Now a days computer networks are following protocols and practices based totally on records plan and manipulate isolation. This permits centralized manipulate and consolidation to have higher provider performance and higher community manage plans. OpenFlow is a well-known protocol that allows control and demarcation of remoted/distribute manipulate plans on NW gadgets inclusive of switches, routers firewalls and so forth. This assignment will require the design of a community load controller with OpenFlow presenting GUI interface to Network Administrators/IT officials. The facts from interface may be furnished to Load Controller a good way to then coordinate with current nodes to manipulate all the routes to server. This GUI will contain labeled customer nodes having various necessities of bandwidth at special times. This will be four durations with specific distribution of bandwidth. Students will need to pick out fine suitable distribution themselves. There could be 48 consumer nodes and four servers nodes. Students can enforce this venture the usage of any contemporary simulation tool or OpenFlow libraries. Build the custom load balancer using OpenFlow libraries.

Functional Requirements:
This assignment calls for to examine the fundamental principles of OpenFlow, Networking, networks and devices configuration as properly because it requires primary to mid level programming skills inside the C/C++ in Linux surroundings. Students are required to put together a presentation on OpenFlow networks and Linux device programming as part of the first task deliverable i.E. SRS file.

The middle useful requirements of package are to:
1. To customise OpenFlow Based Controller.
2. Develop GUI Interface for network admins to configure the controller
3. Customize the Network Topology
4. Measure Performance and Utilization Statistics as following:
a. Throughput
b. Delay
c. Utilization
d. Load Distribution
e. Response time

Linux Environment , Eclipse, OpenFlow Libraries

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Phd, Masters Thesis & Mcs Final Project
MBA Final Project
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