Online Auction System Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

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Online Auction System Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable



Auction is a term used to refer to types of sales where the price is neither set nor arrived at by negotiation, but discovered through the process of competitive bidding. Shopping online has widely grown after COVID 19; online auction system is increasing rapidly. Online auction is becoming more and more popular in electronic commerce and hence it should system must increase its quality and security. This project shall handle this issue by creating an online platform where a user will be able to post items online for auction. The items will accompany item name, their base price, and a picture presentation for the bidder to see. The bidder, if interested in the item, will auction for the product and will be able to inspect the item physically to approve the product then complete the business with the seller. The system primarily has 3 types of users:

Seller module

A seller’s primary concern on such a portal would be security against fraudulent buyers and random bids. The seller needs to know who got the product and needs to act accordingly. The seller must be able to check his product for bidding and should be able to add one easily. He should also be able to see the reviews about the product and communicate with the customers or bidders regarding any issue that arises.

Buyer module

The bidder should first see which product is been posted on the app which is to be auctioned along with all the needed information about it. If the bidder is interested to buy that product, then he can register for the auctioning and bid the amount. At last, at the end of the auctioning the bidder should get to know the result. The buyer or the bidder should be able to give a feedback to the seller or admin.

Admin module

The admin must be the one who controls the entire bidding process by deciding the expiry time of each bid. He must be able to add, remove or manage a category. Admin must be able to add or delete comments and take feedback from people regarding the processes going on in the portal.

The customer can be a buyer and a seller.

Functional Requirements:

  • A customer will first sign up as a buyer or a seller and then login into the system.
  • Different functionalities will be provided to both buyer and seller.
  • System will allow sellers to post the ad for product they want to sell. They can also view their active bids (that are in progress) as well as expired bids.
  • In order to create an auction, the auction seller will enter the title of the auction and its description.
  • The seller will choose an auction type, enter the appropriate price and price increment if available. The seller will set a duration for the auction or set a custom start and end date and time for the auction.
  • The user can upload a picture that describes the auction.
  • The seller can then publish their auction.
  • A seller cannot bid on his or her own auction.
  • System list all auctions created by Auction Sellers.
  • System will allow sellers to edit and delete auction they have added.
  • The auction seller can still make changes to the auction even after publication.
  • The seller can also delete any auction he has created.
  • Users can also search and browse through various auctions in the application.
  • System will allow user to search products that are available for auction.

System will allow buyers to add/remove auctions to a watch list  System will allow the bidder/buyer to bid on desired product.

  • Buyer can view their purchase history.


PHP, Microsoft Visual Studio (C#.Net), SQL Server

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