Online Event Hall Booking Management System Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Online Event Hall Booking Management System Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Project Domain / Category
Web Application

Abstract / Introduction
Online Event Hall Booking Management System is a device in which exclusive corridor managers can create their profiles by using filling the necessary facts. The hall managers will be activated upon admin approval. A patron can seek the hall by using occasion type, vicinity, charge and size and many others. And afterwards e-book the hall on available time slots.

This machine will also combine the function of comments wherein a patron can deliver remarks to the hall managers. In this way a customer can pick out a nice occasion hall for specific events.

Functional Requirements:

The machine comprises of 3 important modules with their sub-modules as follows:

1. Admin:
a. Login: Admin can login the use of credentials.
B. Manage Event Hall Managers: Admin can approvedisapprove new corridor managers and edit their statistics.
C. View Customers: Admin can take a look at registered clients.
D. View reserving: Admin can test all of the event hall bookings.

2. Event Hall Managers:
a. Create Profile: Event corridor managers will create their profile via getting into necessary data such as call, address, telephone no., CNIC, profile photograph and so forth.
B. Login: After developing the profile, hall managers can login the machine.
C. Manage Halls: Hall managers can upload halls through entering the specified statistics together with Hall Name, Hall Size, Event kind, Hall hire, Hall area, Hall Images, minimal No.
Of persons requirement and corridor availability and so forth.
D. Manage Hall bookings: Event corridor managers can accept or cancel hall reserving requests, in case a corridor is booked it will likely be shown as booked to different customers.
E. Manage Hall timings: Event hall managers can manipulate the hall timings.
F. Manage Food Menu: Event corridor managers can manage meals menu and prices.
G. Manage greater capabilities: Hall managers can input greater capabilities and the costs along with sound system and decoration and so forth.

3. Customers:
a. Create Profile: Customers will create their profile by using entering essential statistics including name, deal with, smartphone no. CNIC, profile picture and many others.
B. Login: After developing the profile, customers can login the system.
C. Search Halls: Customers can search an event corridor with exclusive filters which include Event type, region, Hall length, price, minimum No. Of folks, score and so forth.
D. Book Hall Request: If a hall is available, the consumer can request for corridor reserving by entering facts including Event type, No. Of individuals, timing, menu , extra functions and many others. And the bill could be car generated on basis of entered statistics.
E. Give comments and score: A customer who has booked a corridor currently can provide feedbacks on foundation of five stars to the corridor supervisor primarily based upon his/her revel in.
• PHP and MySQL (You can pick out any framework consisting of Laravel)
• Bootstrap or every other CSS Framework
• Any JavaScript library/ framework consisting of jQuery, Vue Js, react Js or angular Js.

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