Online National Crime Repository Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Online National Crime Repository Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Project Domain / Category
Web Application

Abstract / Introduction
There is a lack of coordination between public, law enforcement companies and intelligence organizations due to which both maximum of the crimes remain unreported or the culprits get acquitted due to lack of evidence. Therefore, a web-based system “Online National Crime Repository” is proposed with the aim to decrease the lack of coordination between the stated corporations and reduce the crime price resultantly. Records Manager can control the crook records in the gadget and claim an area as pink region based on crime charge. The registered Law Enforcement Agencies employees can test the crook statistics. The system will provide crime trends with admire to form of crimes and regions. General consumer can check crime tendencies provided by the device.

There may be four styles of customers of this utility.
• Administrator (Admin)
• Records Manager
• Law Enforcement Agencies Personnel
• General User

Functional Requirements:
Here is a listing of purposeful requirements:
1) Administrator (Admin) can manage (create, update, delete and approve/reject) all of the users of the web application.
2) Record supervisor can create an account inside the system on the way to be accredited by the Administrator (Admin).
3) There may be multiple Record Managers (at least one in keeping with district) inside the machine.
Four) Registered record manager can manipulate (create, replace and delete) criminal’s file.
5) Registered facts supervisor can claim a place as red sector primarily based on crime rate.
6) General User can test which regions have high crime charge and which crime is being devoted the most and those details can be provided by means of the system.
7) The personnel of Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) can create their account with a view to be accredited via the permitted with the aid of admin.
8) The employees of Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) can take a look at the record of a certain criminal.
9) System can offer crime traits with recognize to areas and form of crimes.
10) There will be “Contact us” module for complaints and pointers.

• These are simple requirements of the software. Students may add further functionalities to make the software more beneficial.
• Virtual University of Pakistan (VU) will no longer provide any kind of hardware for this task; student has to arrange the specified hardware through himself/herself.
• VU will no longer pay for any license of the software program, the libraries /toolkits/APIs used in this assignment.

Microsoft Visual Studio, SQL Server, Asp.Net; No different programming language is authorized.

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