SIT (Step-in Security) Design Phase

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SIT (Step-in Security) Design Phase

SIT (Step-in Security) Design Phase
SIT (Step-in Security) Design Phase

Get complete design phase for SIT (Step-in Security) Design Phase at very low cost. We provide test phase 1, test phase 2, srs, design phase and complete coding with complete documentation. and also we provide cs619 complete training for final project. Below is sample design phase for cs619 final project

Version 1.0


SIT (Step-in Security) Design Phase


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Supervisor Name: Tanweer Arshad

Revision History

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Table of Contents


  1. Introduction of Design Document
  2. Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD).
  3. Sequence Diagrams
  4. Architecture Design Diagram
  1. Class Diagram
  2. Database Diagram
  3. Interface Design
  4. Test Cases

   Introduction of Design Document

The analysis phase is the essential chunk of the observe program. In this phase all the steps are described in detail and operational of the scheme. In preparation stage describe solitude supplies of the system. In analysis phase we analysis the safety requirements. In analysis and propose functional and safety structural design is made. There must be many behavior occur with the analysis phase of software project analysis.

  • Collecting information
  • Define alternative
  • Define system requirements


Details included by me in this phase of my project are given below.

  • I have included a detail introduction of what I have included in analysis and design phase and also give a brief introduction to analysis and design phase in software development project.
  • I have included a brief overview of the project features and functionalities that helps to understand the project easily.
  • I have added entity relationship diagram that shows the relationship between entities.
  • Sequence diagram will help to understand how process operates with one another and in what order and emphasizes time ordering of messages.
  • Architecture design diagram will help in understand the layered or tiered architecture of my project.
  • SIT (Step-in Security) Design Phase
  • Class diagram describes the structure of a system by showing the system’s classes, attributes, methods, and the relationship among the objects. This is used for data modeling and translating the models into programming code.
  • Database design also provides a tool for data modeling. Here we are in fact giving a physical database design sketch; where we have shown tables, columns and keys. Physical database design in necessary for applications where we use relational database management systems.
  • Interface design is a process of planning how users can smoothly interact with the application. It is design in MS Visio 2007. We have applied some keys interactive features such as textures, shapes, labels and buttons etc.
  • There are test cases of our application.


  1. Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)


  1. Sequence Diagram:


  1. Architecture Design Diagram




Class Diagram


  1. Database Diagram.

Interface Design


Test Cases

Title Counting( OP & OPERND)
Description User opt to count operators and operands used in the code.
Execution steps
Software will start finding operators and operands after having the command

The common operators and operand of two different code will be carried out.

Final Result: Pass
Author (s)  



Title Code structure
Description User opt to find out the common structure used in two different code files
Execution steps  
After having the command, system will start searching for the common code structure SIT (Step-in Security) Design Phase  
Final Result: Pass
Author (s)  


Title Syntax tree
Description User opt to save the syntax tree as a recognition tool
Execution steps
Produce syntax tree

Save it into database as a recognition tool

Final Result: Pass
Author (s)  


Title Generate results
Use Case ID PLAG04
Actor(s) USER
Description User opt to generate report  which will show all the record regarding plagiarism.



Plagiarism checker has been done and ready for report
Execution steps
Create report for all checked codes.
Final Result: Pass
Alternative Path Cancel current task.
Author (s)  
Title Comparator
Description User opt to compare the codes
Execution steps
User select comparator from menu. Then select source / target file and perform Analysis
Final Result: Pass
Author (s)  


Title Tokenize of data
Execution steps
Make tokens of the code

Compare them


Final Result: Pass
Author (s)  


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