Toy Land Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Toy Land Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Abstract/ Introduction

Toys are the basic playing item for kids. According to age, different types of toys are available in market. But kids insist to go out for shopping their toys. In current situation of COVID it is risky for kids to go in markets without masks.

So, it is required to build an online “Toy Land” that should have toys of each age group, and kids can choice their toys by watching their images and demo videos. In this way kids will also learn to use applications and their capabilities to search, select and decide will also be improved.

Toy Land will be a website having variety of toys. An example website is:

Functional Requirements:

  1. Home page of website should have a professional website like interface with attractive items having following sequence: I) Title and related image on top.
    1. A sort option (on the basis of age group, Product type, Price).
  • Search, tracking order and cart images having their web pages links should be there.
  1. Create, Register, Approval or rejection of registration and login pages to add Admin, customers’ record in data base with fields (Username, Password, Email Id, Contact No, and Address).
  2. Customer can order product in two ways: I) As a member by logging in his/her account II) He/She can directly order items as guest.
  3. Menu bar should contain tabs having toys types like 3D Puzzles, Learning Toys, Baby Teethers, Musical Toys, Baby Crib Toys, Baby Push Toys, Baby Rattles, Baby Blocks Toys, and Stuffed Toys.
  4. By clicking on a toy type tab, it leads to a next webpage having all items of this category.
    1. Above page should contain a proper name of toy, its price, demo video and drop down to select “Quantity”. There must be an “Add to Cart” button to put selected items in cart.
    2. The description of item should contain the fields like.

No of items in a set:




  1. By clicking on cart, a list should be visible for selected items and their quantity, price, delivery fee, and total amount. There should be a quantity increment or decrement button and a remove button against each item.
    1. Continue Shopping, Update, and Check Out buttons should be there at the end of cart.
    2. Payment methods (Pay viva Visa card, Cash on delivery) must also be shown using radio buttons.
  • Confirm order and show summary of order with successful message when customer click on confirmation.


Choose any combination of tools from these tools

Visual Studio / Xamp / Wamp

C# / PHP

Sql / mySql Database


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