Utility-Store Management System Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

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Utility-Store Management System Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Domain / Category Desktop Application


Utility-Store management system is specially designed for the purpose of adding Utility-Store item’s detail. The system elaborates the basic concept for storing and generating Utility-Store item’s detail. These items will be distributed in different categories for example there is different type of Cooking Oil in the Utility-Store, i.e. Seasons Oil and Olive Oil so we can search it easily under the appropriate label and inform the customer about their price, weight and quantity if needed. In this system, staff can sign up as a system admin, He/she can have full access to the system for maintaining daily records.

It will be a windows-based application which has been developed to make all the operations fast and easy.

The design of Utility-Store Management system is easy to use for every type of users because a lot of shops have salespersons which are not very qualified. Whereas, in our application there is a facility of report generation which gives detail information about Utility-Store item’s sell and purchase and make staff possible to get hard copy of related reports. At the end of day, month and year, we can calculate the price of items purchased, sell and


Functional Requirements:

  1. Registration
    • The administrator can create a new user.  New user can login and logout.
  2. Utility-Store Item’s
    • Admin add, delete or modify the details of the Item’s.
  3. Search
    • User can search for the required Utility-Store Item’s based on name, id etc.
  4. Sell Utility-Store Item’s
    • The sold Item’s need to be deducted from the available stock
  5. Purchase Utility-Store Item’s
    • The purchased Item’s need to be added to the available stock
  6. Report generation
    • Depending upon the Utility-Store needs following reports can be generated
    • There can be daily reports
    • Weekly reports
    • Yearly reports

These reports will be of total available stock, how many Utility-Store Items are sold out / purchase on daily, monthly and yearly basis.

The system should be able to generate a report of profit on daily, monthly and yearly basis.


Templates (Flask template or any other template) are not allowed to use in this application you need to use python libraries.

For this project you need to visit any utility store and get full functional and non-functional requirements from these stores and if you have any ambiguity contact me at my Skype id mentioned at the end.


Python is mandatory.


Name: Asadullah


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