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Vu projects Help and Guidance
Vu projects Help and Guidance

ZOOI620 Internship Masters (M.Sc. Zoology)
ZOO720 Thesis
ZOO620 Research Masters (M.Sc. Zoology)
RTS720 Research Thesis
PSYI619 Internship Report-Psychology
PSY619 Final Project-Psychology
PADI619 Internship Report-Public Administration
PAD619 Final Project-Public Administration
MKTI619 Internship Report-Marketing
MKTI620 Internship Report-Marketing
MISI620 Internship Report-Management Information System
MIS620 Final Project-Management Information System
MIS619 Final Project-Management Information System
MISI619 Internship Report-Management Information System
MGTI620 Internship Report-Management
MGTI619 Internship Report-Management
MGT619 Final Project-Management
MGT620 Final Project-Management
MCM619 Final Project-Mass Communication
MCM620 Specialized Project Mass Communication
MCMI619 Internship Report-Mass Communication
MCD620 Final Project
MB720 Thesis – MS in Molecular Biology
ITI619 Internship Report – Information Technology
IT619 Final Project – Information Technology
HRMI620 Internship Report-Human Resource Management
HRMI619 Internship Report–Human Resource Management
HRM620 Final Project-Human Resource Management
HRM619 Final Project-Human Resource
GEN720 Thesis MS in Genetics
FINI619 Internship Report-Finance
FINI620 Internship Report-Finance
FIN619 Final Project-Finance
EDU619 Teaching Practice – Internship Report
ECOI619 Internship Report – Economics
ECO619 Final Project – Economics
CS619 Final Project
COM619 Final Project-Commerce
COMI619 Internship Report-Commerce
BTI619 Internship BS (Biotechnology)
BT619 Research Project BS (Biotechnology)
BNKI619 Internship Report-Banking
BNKI620 Internship Report-Banking
BNK620 Final Project-Banking
BNKI619 Internship Report-Banking
BIF619 Research Project
ACFI619 Internship Report-Accounting & Finance
ACF619 Final Project- Accounting & Finance

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