Web-based Recommender Portal for Heath Products Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Web-based Recommender Portal for Heath Products Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Project Domain/Category
Web Application

Abstract / Introduction
This is web primarily based utility which offers facility to customers in curing their ailment by way of giving the listing of culmination and herbs that the user should eat so that you can dispose of their sickness. This gadget helps the consumer to lessen his/her searching time to a remarkable extent by allowing the person to enter his/her health problem and search accordingly. The admin can upload culmination and herbs inside the device and their associated statistics. This system additionally lets in the consumer to view the selected fruit or the herb’s description which describes how the fruit or the herb will assist to improve the user’s health. This machine additionally permits the users to area order in an effort to add the objects to the user’s cart and make fee for the identical. User can pay their invoice via using debit/credit score cards or cash on delivery method. The device additionally consists of a module wherein the person can look for the hospitals relying on the call of the disease that consumer input.

Functional Requirements:

Our required utility need to offer following purposeful requirements.

1. Registration /Login technique for admin and customers.
2. Admin will manipulate (Accept/Reject) registration requests.
3. Admin will manage (Add/Delete/Update) the records of complete internet site
4. The admin will upload categories of fruits, herbs and their related description within the device.
5. Admin will upload the records of hospitals relevant to sicknesses.
6. The registered person will order the culmination and herbs with a purpose to be true for the health of the person relying on any fitness issue or disorder that he/she is tormented by.
7. The registered consumer may be able to seek medical institution associated with the name of the ailment entered by way of the person.
8. The device will permit putting order to the registered users for more than one item.
Nine. Admin will add the facts of hospitals relevant to diseases.
10. User can pay invoice with the aid of using debit/credit score playing cards or cash on delivery approach.

Tools: C#, .Net and Sql Server , PHP, MySql and Dreamweaver

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