What You Cook Today Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

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What You Cook Today Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Domain/Category Mobile Application


A mobile application that will facilitate the people to select a recipe to cook in daily hectic routine. It is very hard to go out and choose what to cook everyday particularly for professionals. This mobile application will help people to select meal of the day that they want to cook with all ingredients (spices, oil, vegetables, meat, etc.) Functional Requirements:


  • Enter category wise products pictures with price
  • Update product price through the following methods o Update prices of the product o Update product’s images

o Receive emails of the order or any type of notification o Order delivery status (Delivered, pending) o Publish recipe of the day for 1 to 10 people


  • User can login in the application with the given user id and password
  • User can choose any recipe of the day, give number of persons, verify it and confirm order.
  • User receive order and pay cash on delivery.
  • User can prepare custom recipe
  • If order is for more than 10 person then user will write a complete order. For this purpose, application must have a button named “Special Order”.

Tools and Technology

Students are required to develop a mobile app and student can use any mobile app development technology.

Note: The students are required to develop above requirements according to the client’s desired functionality. If anything is unclear then student must ask to supervisor.


Name: Faizan Tahir


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