Blood Donation System (BDS) Test phase, srs, design phase and code final deliverable

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Blood Donation System (BDS) Test phase, srs, design phase and code final deliverable

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Project Domain / Category
Desktop Application

Blood Donation System (BDS) is an application which maintain information of the donors who donate blood, records of different Blood Banks wherein donors may additionally donate their blood and records of beneficiaries which may be a few medical facilities like hospitals or people like affected person. The device keeps the statistics of the Donor like his/her call, ID, Blood Group, Address, Contact Number, Medical document bringing up the illnesses (if any) of the donors. The machine will in addition keep the information of its Blood Banks including their names, addresses, contact numbers, quantity of blood baggage, listing of donors and so forth. The donors may also visit any blood bank to donate blood. The system will further maintain information of the beneficiaries.

Functional Requirements:

A set of useful requirements of the proposed system might also consist of the following.
1. There must be login technique for administrator and licensed customers to avoid unauthorized get entry to to the software program.
2. The machine should be capable of store the information of both beneficiaries’

hospitals and patients.

Three. The device could be able to store the information of donors.

Four. The gadget might be capable of save the records of Blood Banks.

5. The device might be able to print the report of beneficiaries.

6. The device might be capable of print the report of donors.

7. The gadget could be able to print the report of stock (blood baggage)

complete as well as Blood Bank smart
Note: Students are purported to go to the hassle domain and recognize the hassle and accumulate the useful requirements now not comprehensible from the given above.

SQL Server 2008, VB.Net and so on.

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