Vehicle Tracking Using Driver Mobile GPS Tracking system Test phase, srs, design phase and code final deliverable

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Vehicle Tracking Using Driver Mobile GPS Tracking system Test phase, srs, design phase and code final deliverable

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Project Domain / Category
Desktop Application

Abstract / Introduction
The GPS is a place-based totally navigation system that makes use of the satellite offerings to
offer the records about the location. Any automobile that has GPS may be tracked using GPS to find its specific location. The core concept and operating of this system is to tune place of the automobile and could ship information about the vicinity to the admin. Any driver the usage of this utility allows admin to discover the location of using the automobile. By using the offerings, the Admin will have a clean concept of the location of more than one drivers.

Taxi can be called with the help of this system to find out the area of the driving force using the vehicle and could assist the admin to provide taxi to the client. User is being logged on to the machine with his credentials i.E. User id and password. Admin will receive the details about the user that has been tracked by way of System the usage of GPS. Admin will also have the get admission to to the system the use of his credentials and could assess the place of the driver riding the car based on these information. Admin will perform diverse operations.

With the help of this software the admin can easily locate the area of various drivers. The record of the driver’s attendance can also be maintained in an effort to assist admin to calculate profits of the driver.

• This gadget may be used in name taxi’s to music the region of the car
• This system can be utilized in vehicles which consists of goods via roadways.

Functional requirements:

• Admin Login: Admin is being logged in together with his credentials i.E. Admin and
• Vehicle and Driver Location View: – The records about the precise region of motive force and vehicle may be viewed.
• Registration: The info of driving force might be entered through the to sign up drivers.
• User Login: User will login along with his personal credentials i.E. Person ID and password.
• Tracking of Vehicle: With the help of using GPS the system will track vicinity of both car and driver.
• Send Location Details: Location details may be sent to admin.
• SMS and email indicators:

• Android studio
• Sql lite

Name: Asim Mehmood
Email ID: asimmehmood@vu.Edu.Pk
Skype ID: sardar-asim

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