CarsBusiness Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

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CarsBusiness Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Introduction is an official website of a company operating in Pakistan which is offering up to 10% profit on invested amount on monthly basis. At the end of each month, the profit is calculated for all cars which are sold in a month. The profit is distributed on 60%-40% ratio. 60% profit goes with the company owner. Rest 40% profit gained is distributed among investors as per their invested amount percentage which will become nearly equal to 10% of the invested amount.

The company needs your services as a software engineer to help update the website both frontend and back-end and add some new features in it. You need to keep the following things in mind for the website update:

  • Website front-end should be user friendly and eye-catchy with new styling features of this era instead of simple html design.
  • There should be an administrative side and a user side with a proper database.

Functional Requirements:

Functional requirements can be divided into two parts with respect to the roles of the users:


  • Admin can add / edit/ remove any member in any membership category like silver, gold or premium.
  • Admin can maintain the payments records (either investment or profit or loss) of each investor.
  • Admin can add / edit/ remove the details of the booked vehicles and show them to only those investors which he will choose to know.
  • Admin can add / edit/ remove the selling details of any vehicle. Again, the selling details will be shared to investors of the choice or membership category wise.
  • Admin can choose any investors to distribute profits/loss against a particular vehicle. This should automatically update the current status of amount against any investor.
  • Admin can distribute the profits acquired equally or can set the varying percentages of profits among investors.
  • Admin can generate reports of investments and profit / loss acquired against any investor in excel sheets.
  • Admin can see the details of the profit / loss earned in any period of time against any vehicle. Reports can be downloadable in excel sheets.
  • Admin can see the overall graphs for the progress of the business.
  • Payment records should be maintained properly. 11)Any change in policies should be catered easily.

CarsBusiness Members / Investors

  • Members can see the amount invested and profits or loss history.
  • Members can see the details of booked vehicles against which admin has chosen their investment to grow.
  • Members can see the profit percentage and all necessary details against the vehicles in which admin has involved their investment. Excel reports can also be generated on monthly basis.
  • Members can send their queries through inbox to admin.
  • Members can receive important notifications.
  • Members can request to withdraw amount (either investment or profit earned or both) prior one month notice from a separate interface. The overall investment records should be updated afterwards once approved by admin.


  • Website user should be able to fetch the website and general details of the business.
  • User can register and make an account any time.
  • Once any user pays the subscription amount (1 lac) his status will be changed to members.
  • User can interact with admin for necessary questioning via inbox.
  • The dormant accounts which have not applied for membership after 40 days will be removed automatically.


Visual Studio (latest version) with .net Framework + SQL Server (latest version) or any other tool of choice.

Development Language:

C# (C sharp) with SQL or any other web development language of choice.

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