College Admission Predictor Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

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College Admission Predictor Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Project Domain /

Category Web Application

Abstract /


As the number of colleges is increasing day by day, it becomes hard for students to find a good college. Moreover, it is very difficult for students to visit and apply to numerous colleges without knowing their merit. College admission Predictor is a webbased application that predict student’s admission in colleges. Students had not need to travel long distance colleges for the admission and his/her time is saved, because of this automated system. Only an internet connection is required to access this app anytime anywhere.

This app helps students to choose right college for themselves according to the merit. Students can register into the systems and add their result/marks. Based on marks and merit, system shortlists the colleges to which they can apply. Admin can add the colleges and the batch detail into system.

Admin will manage the merits of colleges.

Functional Requirements:


  1. Admin can login into system.
  2. Admin can add/edit/delete colleges and their details.
  3. Admin can add merit for previous years to individual college.
  4. Admin can add number of seats in each college.
  5. Admin can view list of students registered into the system.
  6. Admin can view feedback sent by student.


  1. Student can register and login into system.
  2. Students can add their marks.
  3. Student can view colleges near him.
  4. Students can view all the colleges based on his marks.
  5. Student can send the feedback to the admin about the system. Tools:
  • HTML,CSS, JavaScript (Front-end)
  • MYSQL (Backend)
  • PHP (Server aspect programming)


XAMP (Web Application Server)

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