Fabrics Emporium-Online Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

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Fabrics Emporium-Online Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Design Sphere/ Order
Web Programming
The online mode of a business facilitates its guests/ guests to place order for the goods and services online without physically visiting the business centers and at their own accessible time. In view of the below, the proposed design aims to develop a website named as “ Fabrics EmporiumOnline” that will serve its registered druggies ( guests/ guests) to buy the sutured andun-stitched clothes of different kinds. The website will display the available clothes, along with price order wise similar as Sutured,Un-Stitched, Ladies, Gents, Kiddies, Bride, Consorts, Summer Collection, Winter Collection, Casual and Partywear etc. Either, the clothes of different orders will also be displayed Brand/ Company wise. A stoner will be suitable to buy/ make order against available clothes after performing enrollment on the website and passing through the payment styles. Payment system will be either through credit card or through cash on delivery. In addition, the website will give interactive interfaces and rich hunt installation of chancing the different types of clothes through different pollutants. Online order placing of the clothes through proposed website will remove the outflow of physically visiting the requests for this purpose.
Functional Conditions
Following are crucial functional conditions of the proposed system
1. Stoner Registration/ Subscribe Up, Subscribe In
. There will be proper interfaces for stoner enrollment and Subscribe In for the following three types of the druggies of the website
• Caller ( Unrecorded Stoner)
• Registered stoner ( Client/ Customer)
• Registered stoner ( Director)
Places of the druggies will be as follow
• Caller will be suitable to visit the website to search his/ her applicable clothes on the website.
• A stoner registered as a Client/ Customer will be suitable to place order on the website.
• The Director (Admin) will have all the rights/ boons of information operation regarding the clothes, stock operation, as well as stoner operation. Admin will authorize the enrollment requests from the other druggies ( guests/ guests).
2. Dispatch Announcement and Verification
An unrecorded stoner will register him/ her on the website. On submitting the enrollment information, an dispatch announcement will be transferred with a evidence link to the stoner’s given dispatch ID. On evidence through link, the Admin will authorize the enrollment requests from druggies. An dispatch announcement will also be transferred to the registered stoner on blessing or rejection of any request.
3. Admin Panel
There will be proper Admin Panel/ Dashboard comprising of interactive interfaces through which the Admin will be suitable to add/ cancel and modernize all information similar as description, price, stock, images of Clothes. In addition, by using this Admin Panel, the Admin will be suitable to perform
order operation as well as stoner operation ( accepting/ rejecting the stoner enrollment requests).
4. Display of Information on the website
The fabric/ apparel products name, quality, material, order, company name, summary image, price and number of particulars available in stock, new Appearance, Trade (if any), communicate us, complaints, feedback by the registered druggiesetc. should be displayed on the website in proper design. On clicking the summary, the website will maximize the fabric/ product image.
5. Placing Order on the Website
The website will allow the registered stoner (s) to make order against their named particulars. There will be proper interfaces on the website in this regard. The stoner will first have to elect the item to put into the shopping wain, and also will have to pass through any of the payment system i.e. through credit card or cash on delivery.
6. Evidence Dispatch on sale (Order Placing)
A evidence dispatch on successful sale will be transferred to the stoner’s handed dispatch.
7. Search Installation
The website will give rich hunt point through which all types of druggies should be suitable to search information on the website using different pollutants and keyword similar as
o Fabric Type o Brand/ Company Name o Category Wise o Price Wise o New Appearance o Trade
o Stylish Merchandisers
Admin will also be suitable to search the information by stoner IDs.
8. Commentary/ Complaints/ Feedback
The registered druggies will be suitable to submit feedback, complaints and commentary against any product/ item.
1. PHP and MySQL (You can choose any frame similar as Laravel)
2. Bootstrap or any other CSS Framework
3. Any JavaScript library/ frame similar as jQuery, Vue Js, reply Js or angular Js

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