Garments Zone Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

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Garments Zone Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Project Domain / Category Desktop Application

Abstract / Introduction

The project on “GarmentsZone” is aimed to manage the details of Products, Sale, Stock, Purchase and Date Wise Sale. It will be a windows-based application which has been developed to make all the operations fast and easy. It is one of latest productivity enhancement tools used widely by most Garments stores wherever there is a need of making complete atomization of manual system to computerized system.

It also manages all information about the Vendors, Sales Man and its Reporting. The project is totally built at administrator and user end of things. Only the administrator is guaranteed to have full control on the application. It provides search facility such as searching for Stock, Products and Vendors/Company. It tracks all records of Garments clothes and Vendor records.

It stores all information about staff to a secure database. It also generates reports. We can add, delete and update, the records easily. It can generate Vendor report. It manages all information of Customer Record. We can easily generate Invoice and take print for Customer. The main objective of developing this system is to help Sale operator to manage their stock in a systematic and efficient way.

Functional Requirements:

Following are the functional requirements, you have to fulfil for this project.

  1. The proposed application should have two modules. Admin module and User module.
  2. Further application should have following Interfaces. (i) User Registration (ii) Dashboard (iii) Stock Details (iv) Purchase Items (v) Sale Items Records (vi) Invoice Generation

(vii) Vendor Details (viii) Daily, Monthly and Annually Sale Report (ix) Stock Items Report

(x) Max sold out product List (xi) List of Items which are low in quantity or out of stock.

  1. Admin have access to control all components of application but user can access limited components of application. Admin can create a new user and can assign login credentials to any user.
  2. When the user or admin open the application using login credentials their username will be displayed on the dashboard.
  3. User can add the products into the stock.
  4. User can maintain the records of purchase items.
  5. User can generate and print the invoice of sale items.
  6. Whenever the user or admin add any entry or generate invoice, entry will save in database with name of respective user.
  7. User have access to search the product and any sale details.
  8. User can’t modify or delete the sale records from database, only admin can do this.
  9. When user sale out any product it must be deducted from the stock details.


Visual Studio(13 or any other above version of VS) with .NET Framework, SQL server, Crystal Reports or Visual Studio RDLC Reports.

Programming Language C# with Window Forms.


Name: Muhammad Hashir Khan


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