Smart Fodder and Water Dispensing Application for Animals using NN Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

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Smart Fodder and Water Dispensing Application for Animals using NN Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Project Domain / Category

Artificial Intelligence /Mobile App

Abstract / Introduction

This application is based on neural networks artificial intelligence technique by using Arduino kit. It can feed food even without the presence of owner. Advantages of this system are: It overcomes overfeeding problem and also avoids the wastage of food. It gives a refill alert to the owner. Helps to save fodder and water from wastage and provides the fresh stuff to the animals which provide assistance to enhance healthy livestock production. The project will consist of an Arduino nano kit,a motion sensor, servo motor as hardware devices and use android and python programing languages for software development.

Functional Requirements:

The following are the functional requirements of the project:

Owner Module:

  • Receive a notifition from sensor about the pot is empty.
  • After fill at certain level, the sensor alerts the owner to stop filling.
  • Get reports about food consume on daily/weekly basis.

System module:

System consists of hardware and software modules

  1. Hardware:
  • The System must have hardware that should include a PIR motion sensor module

(more     details can      be       found here:

  • The Motion sensor device must sense the motion of animal object within the valid range of sensing area.
  • A system must have functionality that fodder pot must be moved towards animal using Servo Motor aquatically

A system must reflecting the feature that after eating when animal moves back, the sensor detect its motion and command to servo motor to take back the fodder pot automatically.

  1. Software:
  • Develop a signal analysis algorithms using artificial neural networks for filling the water and fodder pot. After receiving a message sent through a sensors on synching by the animal. .
  • A system must have functionality where sensor should send a message to android device using wi-fi connectivity each time when fodder pot moves towards animal and moves back from animal.
  • A System must generate a notification alert on android mobile phone automatically, upon receiving a message from sensors.
  • Android programing needed android Studio and develop an APK file which will be installed in owner’s android device
  • System requires Python code using Pycharm software to program the Arduino kit.

Tools:  Servo Motor can be purchased from here:

  • PyCharm (IDE for Python coding)
  • Android Studio (IDE for Android coding)

Helping Material:

For coding in Android Studio and Pycharm you may visit the following links for learning purpose.

The links are given below to understand the Arduino nano kit functionality.

Note: Virtual University will not provide any type of hardware and any kind of assistance for purchasing libraries, toolkits or paid software. Students have to arrange on their own if required for the project.


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