Hotel Property Management System Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

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Hotel Property Management System Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Project Category
Web Programming
Abstract/ Preface
A Hostel property operation system (HPMS) is a hostel operation software that property possessors and frontal office workers use to manage their business by coordinating reservations, online booking vacuity, payments, and reporting in one central place. The HPMS streamlines operations for frontal office staff and guest services in a hostel business to check-in and check-out guests, see room vacuity, make adaptations to being reservations, and indeed can have backoffice functionality ( schedule housekeeping or conservation). With a central system, hostelers can more manage and cover the crucial criteria demanded to run their business (e.g., average diurnal rate, residencyetc.)
Functional Conditions
Stoner-friendly interface The stylish PMS results moment are tone- service and help to streamline operations by enabling hospitality businesses to check in guests briskly. Numerous ultramodern platforms can indeed be operated from a mobile device via mobile app.
• Reservation operation details in your HPMS result.
• It includes total number of apartments, types of apartments, apartments charges and each room conditionsetc.
• Check-in/ check- eschewal of guests
• Modify guest reservations
• Keep track of guest biographies and move them around as demanded ( room or hostel change).
• Record keeping of levies, freights and programs-Customize levies, freights, and cancellation programs in the combination that stylish suits your business.
• Government compliance with original duty reporting conditions and regulations.
• Guest communication- Ameliorate the guest experience with automated pre andpost-stay dispatches.
• Reporting suite-Generate detailed product and fiscal reports to ameliorate business operations.
• Payment processing- Capability to take credit card payments in compliance with original and global nonsupervisory norms.
• Staff operation. It includes total number of staff, their status, hires and duties.
Tools & Technologies Preferred tool and technology
C#, JAVA, Database – MySQL

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