HSM Boutique Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

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HSM Boutique Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

“ HSM Exchange” is a fashione-commerce website to grease the Guests to buy ready to wear dresses. E-commerce is now an essential tool for the fashion assiduity. This point will help HSM’s fashion house to take their products world-wide with minimal investment of plutocrat. It’ll be used to promote and vend their eastern formal, party and marriage wears online. Multibilliondollar global enterprise devoted to the business of making and dealing clothes.
Although the fashion assiduity developed first in Europe and America, moment it’s an transnational and largely globalized assiduity. Internet has made the world a lower place. It has eased long distance communication by making the process cheaper, briskly and lightly. Moment, internet helps business houses to feed to a global followership without any major investment. The sanctioned “ HSM Exchange” website will serve as its identity on the World Wide Web (WWW). The proposed system will be a great step to encyclopedically introduce the eastern fashion business in much more effective way. This web operation will have ensuing orders
• Home Runner • Dashboard
• New Advents
• Luxury Pret
• Marriage Wear
• Occasion Wear
• Digitized Filmland of products
• View Details
• Size Companion
• Product Details
• Add to Cart
• Bill Computation
• Client Information/ Registration
• Shipping And Payment
• Order Evidence Dispatch
• Complaint
• About
• Contact
Functional Conditions Modules
Client Module
• View/ Hunt The stoner can view/ search the orders without enrollment.
• Druggies can place order for any product.
• Druggies will register them before placing an order.
• Druggies can also give feedback about services handed.
• Druggies can also register complaints.
• System will show complete details of the product with price in pkr currency.
• System will calculate the record of remaining products available in roster.
Admin Module
• Login for the main director.
• Add an Admin/ Login The main director can add any other person as admin.
• Login authentication for the admins.
• Admin can add/ remove orders or edit being orders.
• Admin can fit, cancel, view and modernize records.
• Logout
Software Conditions
• Operating System Window7and above
• HTML, CSS, Bootstrap ( Front- end)
. • Adobe Dreamweaver
• MYSQL (Backend)
• PHP ( Garçon- side programming)
• XAMPP — Web Operation Garçon

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