Kids Toys Sales Management System using Chatbot Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

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Kids Toys Sales Management System using Chatbot Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Domain: Web Application Abstract/Introdu ction

Chatbot applications streamline interactions between people and services, enhancing customer experience role in B2C (Business to Customer) E-Commerce applications by providing assistance to customers in purchasing the online products. Chatbots employs the Natural Language Processing combined with some flavor of Artificial Intelligence in E-Commerce environments.

The core aim of this project is to design a web-based Kids Toys Sales Management System using Chatbot. The users (customers) of this system will be able to place order for the wide range of toys for their kids’ choice. Chatbot will assist the customers in selecting the toys and will recommend the suitable toys as per the age of their kids. It also recommends toys on the basis of parents’ requirements (budget and toys characteristics/specifications) and demands. The application aims to provide effective business environment to the parents.

Functional Requirements:

Kids’ Toys Sales Management System using Chabot is an illustration of B2C Ecommerce domain. It facilitates the environment for parents to select the toys as per their choice. Chabot will provide customer support by showing list of toys like (automated/semi-automated) and adaptive guidance to specific customers.

The proposed system will have the following main users:

Admin, Sales Manager, Distributors, Customers.

  1. Registration module: It will facilitate the registration process for all kinds of users. Admin will approve and perform activation of the different user’s accounts and registration requests.
  2. Login Module: After successful registrations, all types of the users will be able to login to the system using their registered email and password.
  3. Pop up window should be displayed at the bottom right of the system by prompting the customer for any kind of guidance related to toys selection.
  4. Customer will go for Toys selection module where the chatbot will assist the customers to select the kids’ toys as per customer needs.
  5. Geographical area allocation module: Admin will assign the different areas to distributors across Pakistan. Different sales manager will work under specific distributor for easy distribution of kids’ toys in different areas of Pakistan as per the demands. Customers will be able to see the different sales manager in Google map to assess the fast and easy shipment of toys to the customer.
  6. Conversation Flow module in chatbot is responsible to ask the question from users related to kids’ toys, that will suggest the most suitable type of kids toy as per customer demand. To make conversation flow smooth and efficient, it’s important to apply the best practices for developing chatbot. For this supervised Machine learning and deep learning algorithms be used, while taking into account of business objectives and customer’ expectations.
  7. After the conversation flow is completed, search result module will personalize merchandising of kids’ toys, recommendations can help the customers to find specific toy specifications as per the age of the kid. After selection It will show the list of toys both automated and manual toys as per customer demands. A conversational interface will allow the system to ask probing questions and understand the customers’ intent better.
  8. Search result module will display the list of kids toys like imported/local, price related characteristics and specification in case of electronic toy.
  9. Discount module will be activated in case the customer may be looking for discount. In case customer falls into one of the given categories like (army officers, teachers).

10.Chatbot will assess the customer behavior and suggest the kids toys according to his budget and demands

11.Supervised Machine learning module for Chatbot should already be “taught / trained” common questions so that it will be able to answer customer questions related to specific kids toys and respond immediately to customer’ queries.

12.Once the customer has selected the required kids’ toy, the payment module should be activated; chatbot should properly guide the customer of different payment options. The system will facilitate the three payment options as per the user choice i.e., credit card, debit card and through cash on delivery.

13.The proposed system should have customer care module. It should guide the customer about the toys’ guarantee in case of malfunctions for specific time period. Toys guarantee will fall under two categories like electronic toys and manual toys.

14.Customer care module should guide the customer about the guarantee for specific time period of different parts of electronic toys.

15.For successful human-like interaction, visual module is also used in chatbot for perfect tone and dialect. To achieve coherence, a character is used to effectively communicate in audio synced with the text to help out the customer for specific kids’ toys.

16.There should be Frequently Asked Questions module to generate a chatbot’s list of preprogrammed queries and responses.

Tools:             JSP, SQL server 2012, PHP, Python, Dialogflow, IBM Watson, Microsoft Bot Framework,,, Chatfuel.

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