Racing Bicycle Sales Management System by using Chabot Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Racing Bicycle Sales Management System by using Chabot Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Project Domain / Category
Web Application

From past few years, Chatbots are playing a vital function in B2C (Business to Customer) E-Commerce programs by way of supplying the help to clients in purchasing the net merchandise. Chatbots essentially uses the Natural Language Processing blended with some flavor of Artificial Intelligence in ECommerce environments. The center purpose of this assignment is to design an internet primarily based Racing Bicycle Sales Management System by using the use of Chatbot. The customers (clients) of this system may be capable of location order for the bicycle(s) in their desire. Chatbot will help the customers in selecting the bicycle and will endorse the best bicycle on the idea of customers’ necessities (budget and Bicycle characteristics/specifications) and needs. The application pursuits to offer green enterprise environment to its customers.

Functional Requirements:
Racing bicycle Sales Management System by the usage of Chabot is an example of B2C E-commerce domain. It allows the surroundings for each customer to pick the racing bicycle as according to call for. Chabot will provide customer service via showing list of racing bicycles and adaptive guidance to unique customers.

The proposed device will have the subsequent main users:

Admin, Sales Manager, Distributors, Customers
▪ Registration module: It will facilitate the registration process for all styles of customers. Admin will approve and perform activation of the extraordinary consumer’s accounts and registration requests.
▪ Login Module: After a hit registrations, all varieties of the users will be capable of login to the gadget the use of their registered e-mail and password.
▪ Pop up window have to be displayed at the bottom proper of the machine with the aid of prompting the customer for any type of steerage.
▪ Customer will go for product choice module where the chatbot will help the customers to pick the racing bicycles as consistent with purchaser wishes.
▪ In area allocation module, Admin will assign the different regions to distributors throughout Pakistan. Different income supervisor will work beneath particular distributor for easy distribution of racing bicycles in distinct areas of Pakistan. Customers could be able to see the different sales supervisor in Google map to assess the quick cargo of racing bicycles to the client.
▪ Conversation Flow module in chatbot is responsible to invite the query from users associated with racing bicycle, with a purpose to able to indicate the maximum suitable kind of racing bicycle as according to client needs. To make verbal exchange waft clean and green, it’s crucial to apply the excellent practices and construct chatbot. For this Machine gaining knowledge of algorithms are used by contemplating of commercial enterprise targets and client’ expectations.

▪ After the conversation flow is completed, search end result module will customized vending of racing bicycles, guidelines can help the customers to discover particular racing bicycle specifications. It will show the listing of bicycles as consistent with patron needs. A conversational interface will allow the system to ask probing questions and understand the clients’ rationale higher.
▪ Search end result module will show the listing of racing bicycles with recognize to version variety, price and related characteristics /specification such as velocity and performance.
▪ Discount module may be activated in case the customer may be looking for discount. In case consumer falls into one of the given class like (army officials, instructors).
▪ Chatbot will examine the patron conduct and endorse the unique racing bicycle in step with his price range and needs
▪ Machine gaining knowledge of module for Chatbot have to already be “taught / educated” commonplace questions as a way to be able to answer customer questions related to specific racing bicycle and respond immediately to client’ queries.
▪ Once the patron has decided on the required racing bicycle, the charge module should be activated; chatbot need to nicely manual the purchaser of different charge options. The device will facilitate the 3 payment options as in step with the person desire i.E. Credit score card, debit card and through coins on delivery.
▪ The proposed system should have consumer care module. It have to manual the customer approximately the racing bicycle assure in case of malfunctions for specific time period.
▪ Customer care module should guide the patron approximately the assure for specific time period of different parts of racing bicycle like mechanical components.
▪ For a hit human-like interplay, visible module is also used in chatbot for ideal tone and dialect. To gain coherence, a person is used to effectively communicate in audio synced with the textual content to assist out the customer for particular racing bicycle.
▪ There must be Frequently Asked Questions module to generate a chatbot’s list of preprogrammed queries and responses.

Tools: JSP, SQL server 2012, PHP, Python, Dialogflow, IBM Watson, Microsoft Bot Framework, Wit.Ai, Api.Ai, Chatfuel.

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