Railway E-Ticket Reservation System Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Railway E-Ticket Reservation System Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Project Domain / Category
Web Application

Abstract / Introduction
“Railway E-Ticket Reservation System” is an internet-primarily based machine that offers services to its customers to reserve seats on line for unmarried/round journeys, tourism trips and long trips. To sell tourism way of life, unique tourism trains are driven for one of a kind routes and due to restrained number of seats in such trains, the clients/passengers/guests must first e book seat(s) on-line, then their reserving may be showed while the customer/passenger/visitor will really gather the price tag from the the front desk at the concerned railway station. However, for wellknown or long trips, the client/passenger/visitor can begin traveling after the of entirety of online price tag reservation process i.E. E-generated ticket through the proposed system. “Railway E-Ticket Reservation System” will offer relevant information like educate course, call, timings, fare and railway station etc., to its customers in an effort to help the customers in making plans a future journey.

Main Roles/Users of the gadget:

– Administrator (Admin)
– Front Desk Officer
– Client/Passenger/Traveller Functional Requirements:

1. Admin will capable of Add/Remove/Update train route information, price ticket fare, arrival and departure timings.
2. Admin will control registered customers (Front Desk Officers, Client/Passenger/Traveller) money owed.
3. Admin will carry out all machine related activities e.G. Gallery Management (Images of Trains and many others.), Instructions, guidelines and rules and associated information and so on.
4. Front Desk Officer will able to view and verify customers/passengers’ info.
Five. Front Desk Officer will verify reservation after which price ticket could be issued to purchaser/passenger/tourist for vacationer teach.
6. Front Desk Officer can have the rights to change seat reservation popularity to “Reservation Completed”.
7. Front Desk officer will also cope with price ticket cancellation requests.
8. Client/Passenger will check in him/herself for e-ticket reservation method.
– Registration info encompass Full Name, Mobile No., Email Address, CNIC No., Nearest Station, Password and input code.
9. Client/Passenger signal-in credentials will encompass Mobile range, password and Verification Code.
10. Client’s dashboard will consist of the subsequent options:
– Verify account and view profile
– Book E – Ticket
– Cancelled Orders
– Helpline Numbers
– Print Orders
– Train cancelled? (Cancel your order for which teach is cancelled / late)
– Confirmed Orders
– Ordered History
– Instructions
– Suggestion and proceedings
11. Client/Passenger/visitor will capable of view information approximately train route information, price ticket fare and teach arrival and departure timings.
12. Client/Passenger/vacationer may choose some appropriate price strategies to e-book / reserve the tickets.
Thirteen. On a success e-ticket reservation process, ticket receipt will be generated.
– In case of traveler educate experience simplest those clients/passenger/travellers gets ticket(s) who’ve already applied/asked for the price ticket through on-line price tag reservation process on the proposed machine and will gather ticket from the front table (before 2hrs of departure), and then price tag reservation popularity can be changed to “Ticked Received” in client/passenger account.
14. User could have the option to cancel the ticket through his/her online account.

IDE: Dreamweaver/XAMPP
Language: PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript
Database: MySQL/SQL Server

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