Smart Profile Management (SPM) Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

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Smart Profile Management (SPM) Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable



Smart   Profile   Management    (SPM)   is   a   powerful   profile  management                and           mobile

customization app for Android that vows to be the ultimate solution for your device’s profiles. It’s just not allow customization it also automates it. SPM provides location-based profile automation .Once you setup things then you don’t have to worry about it. It is the application which is made for those people who need different profiles for different locations. For example office, college, school, mosque etc. So basically user will have option to create customized profiles based on location. The application sends message to defined number on activation and deactivation of profile. This helps the user to inform his family member about his current location. The customized profile has option to create a blacklist. The contacts in black list are blocked when profile is activated. This enables the user to block unnecessary calls. User will have option to start and stop the application services anytime when he wants. Similarly application will help user to remember different tasks according to time or location. Another feature of this application is that user can set sleeping hours, which ensures that user is not disturbed during sleep hours as phone is put in silent mode during these time intervals.

Functional Requirements:

Profile Activation:

The application shall get the location update every two minutes and change the user profile on the basis of location coordinates.

Call Block

The Application shall block the incoming calls on the basis black list of selected profile. If a black list is selected the number in the list are blocked and all other numbers are allowed.

New Profile

The Application shall allow the user to create new profile for any desired location. On clicking new profile button a dialog is appeared where user can customize the profile .User can assign a name to profile and can choose other settings. User can also add black list according to his requirement and can choose WIFI status.

Manage Profiles

View Profile

The Application shall allow the user to view ,edit, delete the list of profiles created.

Add Reminder

SPM also provides the feature of reminder. This option helps the user to remind him performing specific task according to location and time. User can add time based or location based reminders. The application gives user an option to select time based or location based reminder; after that user can enter a message and tab save.

Manage Reminders

The Application shall allow the user to view, edit and delete the reminder/s added by the user.

Message Notification

User should be able to add message and number to a profile .This message is sent on the given number on the activation and deactivation of the profile.

Current Location

The Application shall get the current location of the user using GPS services and show user’s current location on map using Internet. A marker is added on the map at current location for better visibility.

Maintain call Log

The application shall allow the user to view the call log and clear the call log if it is outdated.

Profile Activation Notification

The application should generate notification when a profile is activated telling user the name of the profile. User can turn on/off these notifications in the settings menu.

Sleeping Hours

The Application shall allow user to manage sleeping hours. User can set start and end time. During these hours the mobile is put in silent mode so that the user is not disturbed while sleeping.


Hardware Requirements

Device: Android Smartphone with internet connection

Memory required: 15MB of free space

Software Requirements

Operating system: Android

Version: 4.1 and above

Development Platform: Android Studio

Programming Language: Java and XML Database: SQLite, Shared preferences


Name: Nadia Tabassum



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