Smart & Secure Voting System (SSVS) Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

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Smart & Secure Voting System (SSVS) Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable


Abstract / Introduction

Smart & Secure Voting System aims to digitize the ongoing traditional methods of voting systems and will overcome the issues that arise during the process. With this system, voters can use their android based mobiles and scan the QR code to vote for their respective candidates. Once all the votes are recorded, the data of each voter is stored in the blocks, collectively forming a chain aka block chain format, to make the data secure and unchangeable. An Android application would be responsible to scan the QR code, and Web based application to show the results. When a voter scans the QR code, the data is transferred to web based application with help of Firebase cloud. Web based application stores the voting data of each voter in different block. All the blocks are connected like the block chain structure. Once the data is stored in chain of blocks, the web based application deletes data from the Firebase. To make the data confidential the it is encrypted before it is stored in chain of blocks.

To learn block chain structure, you can watch following mentioned video. Block Chain:

Functional Requirements:

  1. There should be two different applications i.e. one for voter and the other for admin.
    1. Android application should be developed for voter application.
    2. Web Based application should be developed for admin.
    3. Data is between these two should be synchronized using Firebase cloud.
  2. Both applications should have User authentication.
  3. Voter application:
    1. Scans the QR code to vote for respective candidate.
    2. Shows the list of candidates.
    3. Shows the profile of voter.
    4. Have an option to logout from application.
    5. Should be able to create voter account
    6. Should be able to reset the account password.
    7. Should be able to modify the profile of voter.
  4. Web based application:
    1. Generates the unique QR for each candidate.
    2. Shows the profiles of candidates and voters.
    3. Shows the final result (Votes of all candidates).
  5. Final data should be stored in the chain of blocks.
    1. Each user’s voting data should be stored in different blocks.
    2. All the blocks should be connected like a block chain structure to make the data integrated.
    3. All the data should be encrypted, to make the data confidential.
    4. This chain of blocks can be saved in JSON or any other respective format and stored in the machine where web-based application is hosted.


Students can use any development environment with the prior approval of their supervisor. For computational resources the Virtual University of Pakistan will not bear any expenditures, therefore, students have to manage at their own.


•        Before selecting the project, get complete knowledge of the project.

•        Both applications should have an interactive and attractive user interfaces.

•        In case of queries, discuss with the supervisor before selecting in order to avoid ambiguities.


Name: Azhar Ali Khaskheli


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