THE HOUSE RENTALS Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

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 THE HOUSE RENTALS Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable



Abstract/ Introduction

This application will be offering to the customers to rent a house/apartment in any city they want. It’s often seen that the people need to move in different cities due to their jobs, meetings or family gatherings. These house or apartments can be ready to shift


A person can rent a house / apartment in any city. There will be many options available with respect to room capacity, city, area and rent. The user can filter the search results on the basis of the capacity, city, area and rent.

The customer would be able to give reviews of the facility they had.

If an apartment/house is already in use, it should not be displayed in the available items.

Functional Requirements:

Admin Module:


The admin can login and logout.

Add a new User:

The admin should not be able to sign up. But a main admin will add another admin.

Add available cities with area:

The admin can add new cities and specific areas.

Add a new house / Apartment:

The admin can add the information of a new house/apartment.

Manage house / Apartment:

The admin can edit or delete any exiting records.

Reply Contact Us Queries:

The admin can reply the Contact Us queries on the customer/visitor’s mentioned email address.

Customer Module:


The customer can login and logout.

View House/Apartmen t:

The customer can see all the available houses or apartments with logging in to the website.


The customer can add to cart any house or apartment.

Contact Us:

The customer can send their queries using Contact Us form

The complete website should have the following features:

  • The website needs to be responsive.
  • Home Page with a main search bar.
  • Each page with the search bar in the navigation bar.
  • About Us Page/Section
  • Contact Us Page / Section


Back end: PHP, MySQL, Xammp

Front End Design: HTML, CSS,

Bootstrap     Editor:


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