University Asset Maintenance App Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

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University Asset Maintenance App Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable


Abstract / Introduction

Like any organization a university has a lot of items or assets that are used in its day to day working. These items include things such as furniture in class rooms and offices, computers, printers, network equipment, lab equipment, electrical appliances, generators etc. Occasionally these items can become faulty and need repair or replacement. To make this process of repair or replacement of faulty items efficient the students have to develop an android App called University Asset Maintenance App. By using this App any staff member of the university can register a complaint about an item that needs repair or replacement. The complaint is sent to the administrator who will assign the task to a relevant staff member so the item can be repaired or replaced. After resolving the complaint, the relevant staff member and the complainant will close the complaint. The administrator can view information about complaints in different ways.

Functional Requirements:

The app should have two types of users;

Admin: The administrative authority that manages repair and replacement of items.

Staff: All teaching and non-teaching staff of the university

The App should at least implement the following functionality;

  1. The App should allow staff members to register with their information such as name, email, phone, department, designation etc.
  2. A Staff member can start a complaint about an item. The complainant will add description about the issue. The App should also have an option to upload a picture. At this stage the complaint’s status will be Unassigned.
  3. The admin will see the complaint on his interface and assign the complaint to a relevant staff member. After this the status of complaint would be Assigned
  4. The staff member handling the complaint will receive the complaint and will start working on it.
  5. After the work on the complaint is completed, its status will be become Needs verification and the complainant will receive the message to verify that the item has been repaired or replaced. If satisfied the complainant will verify and the complaint’s status will become Closed. The admin will get a notification regarding closing of complaint.
  6. The Admin should be able to see information about complaints according to following criteria
    1. Complaint having a specific ID
    2. Complaints started by a specific staff member
    3. Complaints handled by specific staff member
    4. Complaints having a specific status
    5. All complaints Sorted by date
    6. Complaints started between 2 specified dates


IDE: Android Studio

Programming Language: Java, PHP

Database: MySQL

Unified Modelling Language (UML): Microsoft Visio, IBM Rational Rose


Name: Safi Ullah Nasir


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