TravelTime iOS App Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

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TravelTime iOS App Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable



People in the World are working more hours and taking less time off, bringing on various mental and physical health challenges. When work is overwhelming and your work-life balance feels out of whack, it’s time to ask yourself, “Should I go on vacation?” Taking a vacation offers many health benefits, like improving physical and mental health. People who take vacations have lower stress, less risk of heart disease, a better outlook on life, and more motivation to achieve goals. Now the problem is to select the best place to visit during vacations, as it involves someone’s annual leaves and annual savings (both are precious enough to take special care of them). “TravelTime iOS App” will help to select the right place for its users. The main idea of the “TravelTime iOS app” is to help you for planning your ultimate trip. This app lets you enter your favored scenery, time of vacation, preferred activity, holiday budget and other variables to show you the top places where you should spend your holidays.

Main Roles of the system:

There will be five options in its side menu;

  • Profile
  • Best Places
  • My Favorite Place
  • Trip Recommender
  • Logout

Core Functionality:

Core functionality and basic flow of the app will be as follows:

  1. First of all, the user will encounter the home screen which consists of a list of the Top 10 Beautiful places around Pakistan.
  2. The user will select a place of their choice, which in turn leads the user to the Place’s complete details. (Place Name, Approximate Budget, 2-3 images etc)
  3. The app will also allow a user to save his/her experience about a trip in Its Notes section.
  4. There will be another option which asks users few questions, and on the basis of their questions, App will recommend place to user.
  5. The user will have to register before writing trip experience in Notes if he/she is not registered already.

The other Screens will work as:

Profile Screen will show the user his/her details (His/her First name, Last name,

Age, Gender, Favorite Hobby, Personality type) ● Best Places.

This screen will show the list of best places, user can search a place from the list

  • My Favorite Trip Notes.

This Screen will show all the Notes which user writes about his trips.

  • Trip Recommender.

This screen will show some questions to user and a submit button, when user submit those questions, then on the basis of those answers we will suggest user some places he/she might like.

There will be a need for a backend web API that will handle all backend tasks such as managing all Places, Best Places and user data etc.

Tools & Language:

  • IDE: XCode on mac-book
  • Programming Language: Swift5 and latest versions
  • Backend Server-side scripting technology: PHP
  • API Testing Application: Postman
  • Code Editors: XCode, Sublime, PHP storm Visual Studio, etc.

Note: If you need any further assistance regarding tools, feel free to contact me.


Name: Hafiz Muhammad Haroon


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