Vehicle number plate Recognition Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Vehicle number plate Recognition Test phase, srs, design phase and source code final deliverable

Project Domain/Category
Image Processing

Abstract / Introduction
Image processing is a method to carry out some operations on an photo, as a way to get an better image or to extract a few beneficial facts from it. There are a whole lot of applications of photograph processing in one of a kind fields like scientific, safety, industries, remote sensing, sample popularity and video processing and so on. In this undertaking we are able to create an software on the way to understand car range plate. This utility can be utilized in different fields particularly for automobile parking and toll plazas.

Functional Requirements:

1. User should be capable of study automobile photograph.
2. Vehicle number plate should be dominant in an picture.
Three. System must have a template of alphanumerics.
4. The template have to be include all alpahanumerics ( A to Z , a to z and zero to 9) pics.
5. The template should have a separate and clear picture for each alphanumeric.
6. System need to be able to locate automobile variety plate form the enter photograph.
7. System need to be capable of study wide variety plate characters from the detected wide variety plate.
Eight. System ought to be able to match detected quantity plate characters with corresponding template characters.
Nine. System need to be able to show the final detected quantity plate characters from the input photograph in a notepad record.
10. You have to use specific built-in features of MATLAB for photo processing like imread(), rgb2gray(), im2bw(), imcrop() and aspect() and many others.

Tools & Technologies:
Preferred tool and technology: MATLAB (Any trendy version of MATLAB)

Name: Noor Rahman Mahsud

Phd, Masters Thesis & Mcs Final Project
MBA Final Project
Contact Eli Wtaspp: 0092-0312 5718857
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